The Morality Issues Surrounding Facebook’s User Data

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Blog, Social Media | 0 comments

When it comes to marketing with Facebook’s user data, morality issues are at the forefront of consumers’ minds. However, marketers can ask the question, is it wrong? These consumers willingly share their information and data helps marketers provide content at a one to one level that was previously not possible.

So, when it became public this week that Cambridge Analytica used Facebook’s user data to aid in the 2016 Donald Trump campaign, people were furious. Zuckerberg has publicly apologized, which is a good move for his company and the media industry.

People have been posting their information willingly on Facebook for years. This is no secret, but when data collected on the social giant can be used to turn the tide of an American election, it’s a big deal.

I find it fascinating that user data has this power. I believe that data is one of the most powerful resources in world and the opportunity for growth is endless. However, with any of the world’s great resources, there comes controversy and morality issues. Oil for example. There is always the issue of environmental impact. Data, there is privacy issues.

Consumers need to realize that their information is valuable, and companies have figured out ways that they will give it to them using their own free will. Users need to be careful what they post online. Signing up for social media is an agreement of the user and the company; you are free to post, but that information lives forever.

Social Media companies will hopefully learn from Facebook. They need to balance the privacy concerns of their users with the advancements of digital technology for the growth of our industry and the happiness of our consumers.

Ultimately, be careful what you post online because you never know where your information will end up.