Our media specialists offer expertise in all channels, digital as well as traditional. We can help you build an effective and comprehensive media strategy that includes:

  • Detailed research to identify prime target audiences
  • A strategic approach to create effective connections with your customers
  • An informed and insightful media plan that engages appropriate and effective channels
  • A full review and follow-up to ensure satisfaction

We are strong believers in a collaborative approach and back that with buttoned-down processes honed to ensure efficiency, speed, value and nimbleness.


Finding the right approach to deliver your well-crafted message to your target audience requires an experienced team that understands the digital landscape, and
can make strategic decisions that provide the ROI you need with the results you want.


Mediology builds real-world solutions that elevate brands, grow business and define the ROI of your media spend.
Our thinking caps are always on. We work to uncover new and innovative ways to use media as a means of helping differentiate you from your competitors. Every plan starts with a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the marketing and media goals relevant to your situation. We work closely with you to set an overall strategic direction for your campaign, and then task our executional experts to begin building out the effective plan.


Media isn’t one tool. It’s many tools. And what our research uncovers can make all the difference in the world.
We have access to Canada’s most reliable media research tools to give you an enhanced understanding of your current and prospective audiences and their media habits. With long-standing industry partners like Vividata, Numeris, IAB, and COMB, we’re able to dive deep into the media consumption habits of your target audiences, providing programming insights and bringing enhanced understanding of how digital channels are trending or eroding.


The explosion of digital marketing has fuelled the growth of a multitude of digital channels. So much so that even the most sophisticated clients can be overwhelmed by the choices available.
The plethora of digital channels can leave ad managers and marketers immobilized. But not to worry. We partner with leading technology and data companies, giving us access to the latest digital audience and optimization tools. Our team has certifications with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Roku and other industry leaders, giving us the ability to study your audiences’ media habits at great depth. The result: we deliver your messages to the right audience using the right media at the right time, all in exactly the right place.


Video didn’t kill the radio star, nor did the internet kill television. Employing traditional platforms in your media mix should never be overlooked.
Delineations of traditional vs online media and paid vs earned media are no longer relevant in consumers’ lives. People absorb their information and inspiration in many ways, from many channels – often simultaneously. The convergence of traditional mediums with digital buying tools means things like radio, digital audio, TV, connectedTV and out-of-home placements can all be purchased now through programmatic platforms – the same way we buy digital media, leveraging smart, real-time data to power traditional buys.


Sometimes picking up the phone can be the hardest part. We’re ready to help you make the most of your marketing efforts, and this is how we do it:


Impressive results start with smart goals. We’ll help you identify specific and measurable goals that reflect your overall needs.


Know your audience. Using the leading research tools, we’ll uncover what your target market needs, wants, and desires.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. Drawing from over 250+ years of media experience, we will create a comprehensive strategy that works.


Make it happen. Upon completion of the strategy, we maximize your media value through partner negotiations and our agency trade desk to ensure an effectively optimized campaign.


What did we learn? Our comprehensive, written reports outline campaign performance, key optimizations and takeaways that can help inform future marketing efforts.