Goodbye Moose Jaw Times Herald

In December we will bid farewell to The Moose Jaw Times Herald, which published from 1889 to 2017.  Star News Publishing Inc, who owns the newspaper, announced that both the printed copy as well as the online presence will cease to publish.


With more than a century behind them, the Moose Jaw Daily Herald has been a cornerstone medium to Moosejavians over many years, and in some cases, for multiple family generations.  It has provided so many with information regarding the local scene as well as a chance for advertisers to deliver their message on a regular basis.  Of course, this isn’t something new in our industry; we’ve watched many newspapers, much like this one, end up on the cutting room floor of their publishing houses while we have been in this business.  We can only assume that more will do the same, as owners and publishers age out with no buyers in the wings… it simply stands to reason that we can see more closures in the years ahead.


So what happens next? What are the opportunities for those that have held onto this long-standing medium for so many years?  Well, one would certainly assume that the immediate answer would be to “go online”, but is that an option for everyone?  Let’s take a closer look at Moose Jaw’s population.  Based on the 2016 Census Moose Jaw’s population was 32,724 with more than 20% aged 65+.  Typically this medium would serve the A65+ demographic very well and it tends to be their preferred choice for information.


Will this audience be fulfilled online with the same type of journalistic information that they have grown to trust over such a long history?  What will happen to advertisers in the market who have used this newspaper as a way to deliver timely information to their local community?  The answer to these questions will come in time. As this media landscape continues to morph, we’re forced to do the same-identify the new paths to connect audiences in Moose Jaw with our client’s messages.


Lynn Hoffman

Vice President, Media Director, Regina

DSA Media