Fall TV Season Update with Bell Media

As we enter the home stretch of the Fall TV Season, we thought it would be interesting to get an update from the Executive leadership of the respective Canadian Broadcast Partners.

We sat down with John Voiles, Vice President Sales for Bell Media in Western Canada, to get his thoughts on how the Fall TV season is going for Bell Media:

John, how is the Fall Season going for your network so far?
It has been an incredibly positive fall season with solid ratings and sales performance.

Program audience surprises?
US Women’s tennis final broke ratings records with Canadian superstar Bianca Andreescu winning it all and of course the Raptors NBA Championship drive …need I say more

Program audience disappointments?
No real disappointments however Love Island this past summer didn’t achieve to the level we thought it might.

Which new and returning shows are doing best?
The Good Doctor , This is Us, Stumptown

What’s the biggest change in the TV industry that you’ve seen in the last 3 years?
People’s viewing habits on various devices , new players in content creation challenging us to be better at what we do, the drive for brand and product integration into our content across all of our Bell Media platforms.

What do you think the biggest change will be 3 years from now?
The future is exciting with the continued growth of client integration and cross platform activations, addressable TV and enhanced audience data and campaign optimization.

How has PVR usage impacted you as a broadcaster?
Not significantly. PVR recording is always a discussion point however research shows 88% of Canadians choose to watch programs live and live “event” television for example Superbowl and the Oscars are consistent huge ratings winners which viewers prefer to watch live.

What is your own personal favorite TV show on your own network?
The Good Doctor and CTV National News

Do you have a favorite TV show on another network?
The National on CBC, can you tell I am a news junky!!

How has the CTV specialty re-brand impacted you?
It has been an incredibly strong initiative for us as we align and promote our strong specialty programs under the iconic CTV brand

Thanks very much for your time John, we appreciate it!