CPAX Just Revealed Their Top Spenders in Canada and DSA ranked 6th

by | May 19, 2016 | Announcements, Blog | 0 comments

Earlier today, the Canadian Premium Audience Exchange (CPAX) published their list of top buyers, and DSA ranked #6 in Canada.

When we introduced our internal trading desk to offer more efficiency and transparency to our clients, CPAX was one of the first partners we reached out to, and the decision to publish this list is an effort on their part to increase that transparency in the programmatic space.

While the rapid shift to audience buying and undisclosed site lists has led to concerns around anonymity, fraud and viewability, for us, CPAX often represents a sweet spot of the brand-safe, well-known and high-reaching inventory that many of our clients desire, but at a much more efficient rate than buying site direct.

DSA ranking so high demonstrates how active our diverse client base is in the digital space and our commitment to finding the most effective way to execute their campaigns.

The full list was published in Media in Canada here (paywall) and is also available on the CPAX website.

CPAX top buyers in English:
1. Accuen
2. eyereturn
3. Starcom
4. Amnet
5. Magnet
6. DSA Media
7. Mediative
8. Kimberly-Clark
9. Cadreon
10. Noise