Lessons Learned from the Golden Globes

by | Jan 16, 2018 | TV | 0 comments

Last Sunday, over 8.4 million Canadians tuned into the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards, a celebration of cinematic and television excellence.  Here at DSA Media, some of us watched the awards for the fashion, or perhaps to see if our predictions were correct; but many of us had also watched to see the spots we had purchased on behalf of our clients. We value this type of programming for certain campaigns as it truly is “appointment television.”  While the audience has a female skew, it does a great job of capturing the elusive “light” television viewers.

This year NBC extended the broadcast to several digital platforms in the US such as Hulu Live, Sony Playstation Vue and YouTube TV. We’re especially interested to see the audience data from these platforms, as they are relatively new ventures for digital media with endless capabilities.  While the mobile/digital broadcast in Canada was limited to the CTV Go app, it would also be interesting to see the scale and reach the US had in terms of mobile viewership.

Personally, I was especially excited to hear Oprah’s acceptance speech.  As the first black woman to accept the Cecil B. DeMille award (outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment), she certainly used this moment to deliver a powerful message.  Oprah focused on “speaking your truth” as being the most powerful tool we have.  This sentiment was focused around the #metoo movement which makes sense given how the TV/movie industry is wrought with allegations of harassment and misconduct right now. What makes this movement even more important now, is that this sentiment spiders into so many other facets of our personal and professional lives.  She spoke about dedication, gratitude, and empowerment, which are all areas I’ve explored lately as we reconnect with goals and values in both our personal and professional spheres.

As always, the gowns were amazing, the presenters were hilarious (and perhaps a bit silly at times) and we were glad to see the elusive light tv viewers enjoying an age-old favorite. Plus, there were several films and series added to the backlog I’ll get to sometime next year.